Boll Factors

Boll Factors are estimated bolls per metre per bale per hectare.

Boll factors will be best utilised for comparison between varieties although environmental and management factors can also effect relative boll sizes eg. Verticillium wilt infestations may affect relative boll size in susceptible varieties.

You can find out more information on boll factors by visiting this previous Facts on Friday.

2014/15 Season
Boll Factor
Variety Irrigated Previous
Sicot 74BRF11.913.5
Sicot 714B3F11.4n/a
Sicot 746B3F10.5n/a
Sicot 748B3F10.5n/a
Sicot 754B3F12.3n/a
2015/16 Season
Boll Factor
Variety Irrigated Dryland*
Sicot 714B3F13.013.6
Sicot 746B3F12.412.9
Sicot 748B3F12.512.6
Sicot 754B3F12.614.2
Sicot 711RRF12.414.5
Sicot 75RRF13.313.7
Sicot 812RRF14.216.4
*Dryland results shown are per linear metre, a row configuration multiplication factor is needed to estimate yield potential.
Sicot 707B3F does not have enough data at present to give a reliable figure. But, initial figures are similar to Sicot 714B3F.
Last updated 03/03/2017.