Dryland Production Protection Partnership (PPP)

Available in selected varieties

  • Sicot 714B3F and Sicot 748B3F and your choice of Roundup Ready Flex® refuge seed.
  • No pick equals credit (of the same value) for next year’s seed (claims in by 20th March 2018).
  • All prices at Regular Order Price.
  • CSD Dryland PPP Summary

  • CSD strongly supports the dryland cotton industry and those growers who wish to grow dryland cotton.
  • If you don’t pick your crop (excluding crop removed through hail damage) CSD will provide a $ for $ credit toward next seasons cotton seed.
  • Example Scenario

    Double skip planting total 250 ha of dryland cotton at 6kg/ha

    237.5 ha Bollgard® 3 + Roundup Ready Flex® stack OR 125 ha Bollgard® 3
    12.5 ha Roundup Ready Flex® 125 ha Roundup Ready Flex®

    The not-so-fine print

  • Secure a TUA (Technology User Agreement) from your local Technology Service Provider (most major merchandise resellers are TSPs).
  • 5% unsprayed or 50% sprayed Roundup Ready Flex® cotton refuge options.
  • Register by clicking the link below and filling out the form by 30th November 2017. Failure to register will void any claims.
  • Order your planting seed, at your normal dryland planting rate, as either Sicot 714B3F or Sicot 748B3F plus your choice of Roundup Ready Flex® refuge seed at the Regular Order price.
  • As this is a dryland cotton program, irrigating any crop registered within this program post establishment will make the offer null and void.
  • All normal TUA terms and responsibilities are unchanged.
  • If you believe your crop is not worth harvesting for any reason other than hail damage (i.e. not economically viable) please contact your local CSD Extension and Development representative prior to 20th March 2018 to arrange a crop inspection. If approved you will receive a credit for the equivalent value of planting seed for next season on the condition that you destroy the crop and do not harvest.
  • Any credit provided must be taken as seed in the 2018-19 season and planted on the same farm.

  • Go to Dryland PPP Form