Facts on Friday

Case Study: John Grellman Shield: Jason Sinclair “Lakeland Downs”

03 August, 2018

Jason Sinclair of 'Lakeland Downs', Condamine, Queensland receives the John Grellman Shield for the highest yield CSD irrigated variety trial for... Read More

Considerations for ginning

06 April, 2018

There are a number of factors which influence gin sample quality. This week's Facts on Friday looks at defoliation, picking (timing and... Read More

Picking considerations and moisture

23 March, 2018

The Australian cotton industry has an international reputation for producing some of the highest quality, highest yielding cotton in the world.... Read More

Boll weights and boll factors

23 February, 2018

As most crops are now at cut-out, and bolls begin to open, thoughts begin to turn towards yield potential. Boll factors are one way to estimate... Read More

Last irrigation and defoliation date

15 February, 2018

The prime objective of the last irrigation is to ensure that boll maturity is completed. Crops that come under stress prior to defoliation (60%... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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08 March, 2013
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25 March, 2011

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