Facts on Friday

Boll weights and boll factors

22 February, 2019

As most crops are now at cut-out, and bolls begin to open, thoughts begin to turn towards yield potential. Boll factors are one way to estimate... Read More

Last irrigation and defoliation date

14 February, 2019

The prime objective of the last irrigation is to ensure that boll maturity is completed. Crops that come under stress prior to defoliation (60%... Read More

Finishing the season with limited irrigation water

08 February, 2019

Water budgets are tight this season due to higher than average temperatures and little rainfall in the majority of growing regions. As a result,... Read More

January - a critical time in crop development

04 January, 2019

Moving into the flowering stage of the season (for the majority of the growing regions) it is vital to capitalize on positive growing conditions,... Read More

Why NAWF is important at first flower

14 December, 2018

A critical milestone in the development of the cotton plant is the production of the first flower. At this time the plant starts to generate yield.... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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08 August, 2008

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