Facts on Friday

The FastStart Cotton Program - delivering benefits to growers and industry

05 October, 2018

FastStart is a collaboration between Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors aimed at improving cotton crop establishment. Ahead of this season,... Read More

Considerations for dryland cotton - part 2: row configuration and planting timing

28 September, 2018

Selecting the right planting row configuration is a critical factor when planning for dryland cotton. Depending on seasonal factors, it will impact... Read More

Considerations for dryland cotton - part 1: production risks, potential rewards and variety choice

20 September, 2018

Despite the dry conditions, current cotton prices are making dryland cotton a very attractive option for the 2018-19 season. In the event of a... Read More

An explanation of the forecast score

14 September, 2018

With planting underway in Central Queensland and soon to begin in the other cotton valleys, there have been some questions about planting... Read More

Semi-irrigated cotton: is it an option for you?

07 September, 2018

Water use efficiency is an important aspect of Australian cotton production. As a result, skip row irrigated cotton is often considered not only... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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