Facts on Friday

Early Season Insects

24 October, 2008

With many growers planting into fields with crop residue, and the of the winter cereal crops drying down, there is a lot of early season insect... Read More

Later Planting Considerations

17 October, 2008

This week we discuss key management considerations for people intending to plant later than normal. Read More

Factors Effecting Germination and Replant Decisions

10 October, 2008

Anything that slows the development of the plant, up to and after emergence, will ultimately increase the chance of seedling mortality. In many... Read More

Considerations for Dryland Cotton, Part 3

03 October, 2008

In part three of this Facts on Friday series, discussing considerations for dryland cotton, we take a look at how growers can leverage different... Read More

Considerations for Dryland Cotton, Part 2

26 September, 2008

Coarse grain prices are making production of those crops an attractive prospect for a summer crop plant. But recent movements and developments in... Read More

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