Facts on Friday

Cotton Aphids and Cotton Bunchy Top

14 March, 2008

There have been a number of reported cases of Cotton Bunchy Top (CBT) this season. Fortunately they have not been as pronounced or wide spread as... Read More

Pale Cotton Stainers

07 March, 2008

Every season seems to throw up new challenges for cotton growers; this season one of these is the sucking pest Pale Cotton Stainer, an insect... Read More

Comparing The Seasons

29 February, 2008

In recent issues of Facts on Friday we have been focussing on the components and drivers of high yields, particularly with relevance to the current... Read More

Boll Weights and Boll Factors 2008

22 February, 2008

While this season sees a diverse range in crop maturities across the industry, many crops are around cut-out, and people are starting to talk about... Read More

Management for High Yields

15 February, 2008

In more northern districts and through central cotton growing areas, crops are beginning to cut out and open bolls are now present in crops.... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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