Facts on Friday

Considerations for Dryland Cotton, Part 1

19 September, 2008

Dryland cotton growers are very reliant on seasonal conditions in determining the final outcome of their crop. However, management decisions made... Read More

Planting Considerations for 2008

12 September, 2008

With the limited water situation evident in the majority of cotton areas this season, ensuring the planting operation is a success is vital. Many... Read More

Comparing Dryland Cotton and Sorghum

05 September, 2008

There are a number of factors which are favouring dryland cotton over sorghum at present. The cotton price (including seed) is very attractive and... Read More

Factors Influencing High Yields - Part 3

29 August, 2008

This week we examine management practices which have assisted in achieving good yield results. Read More

Factors Influencing High Yields - Part 2

22 August, 2008

In the last issue of Facts on Friday we discussed the impact fruit retention and boll numbers have on the yield potential of crops. This week we... Read More

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