Emerald Bollgard® II trial gives season long protection

11 March, 2003

___New generation Bollgard® II cotton, developed by Monsanto to replace INGARD® cotton, has given season long protection against Helicoverpa in a trial of CSD INGARD® and Bollgard® II varieties at Emerald._

The trial contained several CSD INGARD® Varieties and two new experimental Bollgard® II lines grown under commercial conditions in a fully replicated trial at ‘Crandly Farms’, Emerald, owned by Neville Brownlie, which was planted on the October 11, 2002, and fully irrigated.

Consultant, Duane Evans said protection against Helicoverpa in the Bollgard® II has been outstanding. He has been pleased with the progress of the Bollgard® II varieties, where fruit retention has been high.

The INGARD® varieties in the trial received three sprays for Helicoverpa control, while the Bollgard® II in the same field did not require a single spray.

While Helicoverpa larvae are now present in regrowth in the field, they have not required treatment in the Bollgard® II crops as their survival rate has been insufficient to cause economic damage.

Duane Evans commented that the Bollgard® II crops cut out well and reached an ideal height, with good early fruit load. Aphid and Whitefly infestations were monitored during the season, and treatment was applied using selective sprays as required.

Farm owner, Neville Brownlie said that he was very pleased with the Bollgard® II crops, given the seasonal conditions and the late rain.

He said that insect pressure has been lighter than average, but the CSD lines have come through well, with very high fruit retention. The trial is planned for picking in the last week of March.

_*Pictured:* CSD extension and development agronomist, Craig McDonald (left) and consultant Duane Evans, in a Bollgard® II trial field at Emerald.

_*Further Information: *"*Robert Eveleigh**, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald":showstaff.asp?staff=1