Roundup Ready Cotton Performs

03 December, 2002

The promise exhibited by Roundup Ready cotton in previous trials has been confirmed in commercial results from the current harvest over a wide area, of Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

John Marshall, CSD extension and development agronomist at Dalby, said experience with Sicot 189RR at St George suggested that this and other CSD Roundup Ready varieties would be in keen demand in the 2001-02 season.

He was particularly enthusiastic about a trial on Cleve Rogan’s property at St George where Sicot 189RR was planted into a sprayed out tillering wheat field, yet produced an estimated 3.5bales/acre, considered a good yield in the district this year.

Cleve Rogan said he was impressed with the establishment of the crop, and its appearance all season; with its water use efficiency; and with the fact that no interrow cultivation was necessary.

Greg Kauter, CSD extension and development agronomist at Goondiwindi, said equally impressive results had been achieved with Sicot 189RR at Sundown Pastoral’s property “Keytah” at Moree.

Keytah cotton consultant, Andrew Parkes (pictured), opted for Sicot 189RR on newly developed fields, on the strength that the variety had been a good long-term performer in the Gwydir Valley.


“The fields had a heavy burden of a wide range of weed species including peachvine, burrs, barnyard grass and nutgrass.

“Being able to spray with Roundup Ready Herbicide at the four leaf stage resulted in excellent weed control.

“We managed these fields the same as our conventional Sicot 189, and they performed equally as well, yielding 4 bales per acre in what was a pretty tough year in the Gwydir,” Andrew Parkes said.

Results from a wider range of Roundup Ready cotton crops, including Ingard varieties, will be outlined on the annual CSD information tour which takes place from June 19 to 22 in Queensland and July 3-6 throughout NSW.

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