Pupae Control Guidelines

03 December, 2002

___It is vital that every cotton grower in each growing region be responsible for the destruction of his Heliothis Armigera pupae under the soil, the first Workshop on dryland cotton was told last week._

Murray Schoenfisch told more than 60 workshop delegates that over-wintering of pupae was the major means by which insect resistance to chemicals was carried over from one season to the next.

“It follows that if we can limit the number of resistant pupae emerging the following year, resistant genes will be sufficiently diluted and control maintained,” he said.

He said all cotton fields should be cultivated as soon as possible after a cotton crop is harvested. This practice is mandatory for transgenic varieties.

In dryland systems, he said it was vital that suitable cultivation be done to destroy the target zone using a chisel plough or tined cultivator, disturbing the top 10cm of soil.

*p. Further Information: Robert Eveleigh, John Marshall, Greg Kauter or Craig McDonald