Top Cotton Variety Beats Heat & Heliothis

05 June, 2006

Cotton ginning results have revealed that conventional cotton varieties have been able to match Bollgard varieties for yield in some areas of the north west of NSW.

Cotton Seed Distributors agronomist in the Gwydir, James Quinn, reports that a yield of 5.5 bales per acres was recorded by Peter Glennie of “Norwood” Moree, in a crop of Sicot 71 ginned at Auscott.

Farm agronomist, Sam Gall, said the outstanding yield was from a Sicot 71 crop planted over a 200-acre or 80ha area that experienced all the intense heat of December and January, as well as extreme heliothis egg lay pressure in excess of 200 per metre.

Peter Glennie said Sicot 71 was obviously a full season maturing variety with a compact growth habit that gave it the capacity to absorb and overcome seasonal and insect setbacks.

“The crop got away to a great start and was really powering early in the season. While the heat affected all crops, we were able to remain on top of the situation with our water management.

“ Not all the cotton is ginned, but at this stage yield-wise the conventional is a little in front of the BollgardÒ crops. If it continues the way it is going we will be very happy with the results from Sicot 71, which is definitely our first choice in cotton varieties,” he said.

Further information: James Quinn 0428 950 028