Cotton Growers Embrace New Weed Technology

04 August, 2006

Roundup Ready Flex® (RRF) cotton, which is being released commercially in limited quantities in 2006-07, has been warmly embraced by both irrigated and dryland cotton growers.

Cotton Seed Distributors agronomist, Rob Eveleigh, said a recent ballot for five varieties of seed available exclusively to CSD members had been fully subscribed by grower members.

In its introductory year, RRF technology will be available in the following varieties: Sicot 43RF (central and cool regions) Sicot 80 RF (central, hot and dryland), Sicot 43BRF(central and cool regions), Sicot 80BRF RF (central, hot and dryland) and Sicot 60BRF (central and cool regions).

The new technology has both floral and vegetative tolerance, removing the time constraint on early over-the-top (OTT) applications.

Rob Eveleigh said RRF will have enormous benefits. “It will allow sprays to be based on weed growth stage and the best application conditions, not crop stage.

“Also, post 5^th^ true leaf glyphosate can be applied with a boom, a quicker operation than using a shielded sprayer,” he said.

Results from several years of research, both in Australia and the US, have shown that Roundup Ready Flex cultivars are tolerant of OTT glyphosate applications well into flowering.

Australian studies over the past two seasons have evaluated different timing and rates of glyphosate and their influence on fruiting architecture, yield and fibre quality.

Results from these trials show that Roundup Ready Flex varieties can safely receive OTT applications from crop emergence right through flowering without any effect on the cotton plants. This allows damaging weeds to be controlled well into the growing season.

Further information: Rob Eveleigh 0427 915 921