Cotton Wins Champion Exibit at Narromine Show

05 September, 2006

__The cotton pavilion at the Narromine Show has won the champion commercial exhibit for the second year in a row.

The exhibit was set up and sponsored by local Macquarie Valley cotton organisations including Cotton Australia, Queensland Cotton, Ag Farm Marketing, Monsanto, Dunavant, Namoi Cotton, Auscott and Cotton Seed Distributors.

The exhibition aims to raise the profile of cotton and educate the public as to its benefits to the region.

Several competitions were run in conjunction with the exhibit, including one organised by Craig McDonald from CSD, where participants had to identify the seed colour coatings of the various seed technologies.

Recognition of seed colour is becoming more important with the expansion of new technology choices including Bollgard II Roundup Ready FlexÒ, Roundup Ready FlexÒ and Liberty LinkÒ cotton, which will all be available, subject to full registration, this coming season.

The winner was five year-old Jacob Taylor of Narromine (assisted by his father Kieran) who, unlike some of his more adult competitors, had no difficulty in identifying and distinguishing the seed coating colours separating the different technologies!

Further information: Craig McDonald 0428 950 015

image: Cherie and Jacob Taylor and William McDonald.