Trials On Line

03 December, 2002

Cotton growers are now able to plot the progress of Cotton Seed Distributors’ variety trials on CSDnet.

CSD general manager, Adam Kay, said information already listed on the CSD website includes conventional variety trials at Emerald, the Darling Downs, St George and Boggabilla.

INGARD® variety trials and seed treatment trials on the Darling Downs are also listed, and details of other trials will be inserted as they become available.

“Instead of waiting for the conclusion of harvesting and ginning, growers will now be able to continually assess the progress of various varieties, compare their performance with competing varieties, and plot them against progress with their own crops in the field,” Adam Kay said.

The range of information available in the trial tracking section on the CSD website includes:_
· Varieties
· Planting date and conditions
· Day degrees (including comparisons with previous season and average day degrees)
· Cold shock days
· Plant stand and emergence details
· Temperature details with annual comparisons
· Leaf stage development
· Plant loss due to diseases

Adam Kay said this and additional information will continue to be gathered by the CSD extension and development team as the season progresses, and be published on the CSD website on a regular basis, together with photographs and other agronomic observations and comment.

He said the CSD extension and development team would also be available to respond by email, phone or fax to grower queries or comments on any aspect or ingredient of the trial tracking program.

Adam Kay said the progressive inclusion of variety trial data on the website was part of CSD’s commitment to more readily accessible and timely dissemination of vital information to cotton growers Australia-wide.