Sicot 70BRF on Track

11 February, 2008

The new CSIRO cotton variety, Sicot 70BRF, available from CSD this season for the first time via a limited release ballot system, is carrying heavy fruit loads in commercial trials and seed increase programs.

Craig McDonald, CSD’s Narromine-based Extension and Development Agronomist, said the new Bollgard II Roundup Ready Flex variety is shaping up to confirm its improved yield potential, better fibre quality characteristics and much improved disease resistance capabilities.

He said this new suite of CSIRO varieties will provide the foundation for Australian cotton production over the next few years.

“With the cotton industry set for a turnaround in fortunes, these elite varieties will help growers maximise yields as they ramp up their cotton areas.

“The biotechnology associated with these varieties now allows growers and consultants to concentrate on other important areas, such as nutrition and water management, to help maximise potential returns.”

The results of CSD’s extensive trial program will be released to the industry during winter, coinciding with a series of information tour meetings to review a wider range of research projects and programs, to assist growers in setting strategic plans for the following season.

Further information: Craig McDonald 0428 950 015