Cotton Variety Trial Program

16 January, 2009

Cotton Seed Distributors, the major seed producer in Australia, has announced an extensive 2008-09 variety trial program covering 56 sites from the Burdekin in North Queensland to Griffith in Southern NSW.

CSD Trials Agronomist, Dr Rose Brodrick, said most of the trial crops are doing really well, with their progress generally reflecting commercial crops in each region.

Speaking on the CSD weekly Web on Wednesday video, Dr Brodrick said all segments of technology are represented in the trials including conventional, Bollgard II, Bollgard II Roundup Ready, Bollgard II Roundup Ready Flex and Liberty Link varieties.

“Every trial is laid out according to the CRDC Industry Protocol. We usually have four replicates in each trial. The reason they are laid out like this is to make sure that you can have a representative look at the field.

“If we just did strip trials in one or two parts of the field you might get a good part of the field allowing a variety to do really well, or get a bad part where a particular variety may not do well. We want to make sure that growers are confident in the data and able to get a representative look at how each variety performs.”

Dr Brodrick said growers and consultants can personally monitor trials in their area by contacting any CSD Extension and Development Agronomist and arranging a visit.

Trial data is also uploaded to the Trials on Line segment on the CSD website as soon as it’s available, as is picking data when it becomes available later in the season.

A comprehensive summary of all trials is published mid-year, showing warts and all results for each of the 56 trials throughout all growing regions of NSW and Queensland.

“We publish the results of every single trial, regardless of whether it is good for us or bad,” Dr Brodrick said.