Sicot 74BRF Update

21 December, 2012

Some cotton growers have contacted CSD regarding stand establishment of Sicot 74BRF, the most popular variety within the Australian cotton Industry this season.

CSD has conducted a comprehensive audit and analysis of these enquiries to provide asssitance to growers to understand the details of the stand establishment issues.

CSD data confirms that more than 270,000 ha of Sicot 74BRF were planted in the 2012/13 season. Of the area planted to Sicot 74BRF, CSD was requested to investigate approximately 3.7% of the area where growers had difficulty in establishing adequate plant stands.

As a result of these investigations, the CSD E&D team have found that there is a common theme of issues relating to sub optimal planting conditions; seed planted deep; low temperatures; and soil tilth issues.

In relation to seed quality, variability and seed treatment retention across altl Sicot 74BRF seed lots, retained data shows that all Sicot 74BRF distributed this season met or exceeded CSD’s strict QA requirements. CSD’s post control program (where retained seed samples are planted out at CSD’s seed increase farm) show normal emergence and establishment.

From past experience, however, we do know that seed quality is not an indicator of crop establishment. Crop Establishment is more a function of seasonal and planting conditions, agronomic issues and management factors.

As part of CSD’s pre-season activities including the Information tour, Web on Wednesday, Facts on Friday and various regional meetings, the specific planting requirements of Sicot 74BRF have been widely promoted and discussed. While the variety has an extremely high yield potential, it requires optimum conditions and careful management at planting.

The planting guidelines for Sicot 74BRF will be further updated for next season and publicised extensively via the Information Tour, Field Days, Farm Walks, the Variety Guide, Facts on Friday, Web on Wednesday, the CSD website, the media, and CSD extension and development activities.

As a service to the industry, CSD is planning to make available (at a time to be advised) to test the germination of any unused seed, at no cost, prior to next season. For optimal seed storage guidelines please contact your local E&D team member.

In the interim, growers seeking clarification on any of the issues mentioned above please contact their local E&D Team member immediately.