Seeds Per Kilogram

Seeds Per Kilo
Sicot 714B3F 10,045
Sicot 71BRF* 9,995
Sicot 707B3F 9,675
Sicot 711RRF 10,400
Sicot 746B3F 11,730
Sicot 748B3F 11,795
Sicot 74BRF* 11,425
Sicot 75RRF 11,440
Sicot 812RRF 10,070
Sicot 70BL* 9,820
Sicot 730 11,715
Sicot 754B3F 11,850
Sicot 80L* 9,775

Note: Based on preliminary data as at 6th July 2016.

* Terminating technology classes. Remnant planting seed available for 2016 only. Availability and seed treatment choices may be limited.

As further data for this years seed comes to hand it will be updated on the CSD Web Site.

These average seed sizes are for seed available this season. They are averages and there can be some variation within a variety.

Please note that Sicot 74BRF seeds per kilo may vary by approximately 10% from the average between seedlots.

Actual seeds per kilogram are calculated on AUS Lots as they are produced and can be found on the CSD Web Site.