Grower: Steve Buster

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 74BRF Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 74BRF 9.67 3.92 100.0 1.16 37 41-3 4.9 30.5 42.6 81.6
Sicot 75BRF 9.43 3.82 97.5 1.16 37 31-3 4.9 30.1 42.7 81.3
Year2014 Trial TypeN/A Trial Design4RCB Balance of FieldSicot 74BRF
Planted04/10/13 Picked10/04/14 Previous CropWheat LF Established MethodWatered Up
Plant Stand/m9.0 Rainfall (defoliation mm)30 Incrop irrigations8 Soil applied insecticideNo
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)240 Phosphorus (kg/ha P)14 Potassium (kg/ha K)0.0 Zinc (kg/ha Z)1.4
Heliothis sprays0 Insect sprays2 Pix applied (L/ha)1.2 Days to defoliation157

Another very hot season at Bourke with 2855DD compared to long term average of 2679DD.
There was also 74 days (54 LTA) of temperatures exeeding 35 degrees celciusa and 20 (15 LTA) cold shock days.
Hot westerley winds blew from October into December causing plant stress and early first irrigation. As a consequence irrigations were probably 1-2 short this season.
The hot weather kicked into gear in Novemebr and stayed to well into February.
The crop got off to a good start but heat, wind and some water stress shortened up the plant and caused fruit abortion in the second half of the season.
Sicot 74BRF performed the best in the trial. Sicot 75BRF couldn’t finish off with a strong top crop this season unlike the previous season.
Sicot 74BRF hadly slightly more bolls at 133 bolls/m versus Sicot 75BRF 127 bolls/m. Both varieties were back on boll weight at 2.08 grams/boll which is associated with the plant stress that occurred throughout the season.

Crop established into standing wheat stubble and irrigated up. Initially good establishment and crop growth. Season then turned cool and crop shortened up. Crop experienced very high heliothis pressure from establishment until late January. ヨ Up to 50 eggs/meter in some cases, which took a toll on fruit retention. Crop suffered a late irrigation and heat stress in mid January with consequence of it dropping of top crop due to lack of vegetative growth. Yield was set back as a consequence.