Grower: Gus O'Brien

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 746B3F Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 748B3F 16.43 6.65 103.9 1.25 40 11-2 4.6 30.2 44.6 82.2
Sicot 746B3F 15.81 6.40 100.0 1.21 39 11-2 4.5 30.1 45.6 81.4
Sicot 714B3F 15.42 6.24 97.5 1.2 38 11-2 4.6 29.3 41.5 82.3
Sicot 754B3F 13.85 5.61 87.6 1.3 42 11-2 4.2 31.3 39.5 83.5
Year2016 Trial TypeN/A Trial Design4 RCB Balance of FieldSicot 746BG3F
Planted11/10/15 Picked02/04/16 Previous CropFallow Established MethodWatered Up
Plant Stand/m10.1 Rainfall (defoliation mm)237 Incrop irrigations8 Soil applied insecticideNo
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)295 Phosphorus (kg/ha P)36 Potassium (kg/ha K)100.0 Zinc (kg/ha Z)2.0
Heliothis spraysN/A Insect sprays1 Pix applied (L/ha)1.5 Days to defoliation157

A strong trial result which was one of earliest trials picked on Hatton. The crop had no setbacks and produced 169 bolls/m which were heavy. The Sicot 748BG3F perormed the best, but there wasn’t much between this variety and the Sicot 746BG3F which was earlier in maturity.

2016 was the perfect season with no set backs. We were fortunate that all rainfall events came at the right time and there were no waterlogging events. This field was out of a wheat crop in 2014 winter then laser leveled and deep ripped. It was picked wet after 2013/14 and suffered severe compaction. Interestingly the S746 did not require the last irrigation or cut out pix and looked like it was going to yield much less than it did and was ready to pick at least a week earlier than the rest of the trial. Also the S745 looked the whitest at picking but was the lowest yielding. The field was sown to S748 and received 300ml of pix at flowering and 1.2lt at cutout.