Grower: Dan Linsay

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 746B3F Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 754B3F 10.60 4.29 125.9 1.28 41 21-2 4.3 33.7 38.3 84.4
Sicot 714B3F 10.36 4.19 123.1 1.15 37 41-3 5.0 34.1 37.1 81.6
Sicot 748B3F 9.90 4.01 117.6 1.26 40 41-3 4.8 33.2 40.7 84.2
Sicot 746B3F 8.42 3.41 100.0 1.17 37 41-3 4.8 34.2 37.4 82.2
Year2017 Trial TypeN/A Trial Design4RCB Balance of FieldSicot 748B3F
Planted06/10/16 Picked24/05/17 Previous CropLong Fallow Cotton Established MethodWatered Up
Plant Stand/m9.3 Rainfall (defoliation mm)75 Incrop irrigations10 Soil applied insecticideNo
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)320 Phosphorus (kg/ha P)38 Potassium (kg/ha K)3.0 Zinc (kg/ha Z)1.0
Heliothis sprays0 Insect sprays2 Pix applied (L/ha)1.6 Days to defoliation180

Exrtremely hot and extended period of heat coupled with a below average cold October and heavy insect pressure early has meant for below average yields. This season was oone of the longest on record as crops tried to compensate for early poor retention. Then got caught by the extreme heat that went well into March. The Sicot 754BRF performed the best and dealt with the heat alot better than the other varieties.

Incredible season with an unususal cold start followed by high insect numbers causing significant loses of early season fruit. The heat that came in December lasted well into March with record hot days and nights causing sigificant cavititation and fruit abortion. Yields were well back this season and Sicot 754B3F certainly looked the best in the trial and coped with the heat alot better than other varieties.