Grower: Neil Mill

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 746B3F Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 748B3F 14.48 5.86 107.0 1.18 38 11-2 4.8 32.3 44.0 83.1
Sicot 714B3F 13.79 5.58 101.9 1.16 37 11-2 4.7 31.0 43.3 82.7
Sicot 746B3F 13.53 5.48 100.0 1.13 36 11-2 4.7 31.3 43.7 81.6
Sicot 707B3F 13.19 5.34 97.5 1.15 37 11-2 4.9 30.6 43.0 83.0
Year2018 Trial TypeN/A Trial DesignRCBx4 Balance of Field746B3F
Planted03/10/17 Picked11/04/18 Previous CropN/A Established MethodWatered Up
Plant Stand/m9.0 Rainfall (defoliation mm)217 Incrop irrigations11 Soil applied insecticideNo
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)300 Phosphorus (kg/ha P)220 Potassium (kg/ha K)0.0 Zinc (kg/ha Z)0.0
Heliothis sprays0 Insect sprays3 Pix applied (L/ha)1.0 Days to defoliation168

Field 10 at Westwood has been one of the long term trial fields on the farm. Planting occurred in early October 2017 and it was watered up. Plant establishment was good ranging from 8-11.2 plants /m across the four varieties. Early season growth was a little slow but it picked up as the season progressed.
Plant height was up to 95cm in early March 2018 with up to 125 bolls/m. 1St position fruit retention varied from 59 to 67% at that time.
11 in crop irrigations were applied and that reflected to hot and dry season. Defoliation was done 168 days after planting. The crop defoliated and picked well and grades and quality were all good. Whilst ginning the trial the ginners commented about the cleanliness of the crop and how well it was defoliated. Grades proved that showing 11-2s across all varieties.