Grower: Darryl Nesbith

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 746B3F Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 707B3F 13.37 5.41 100.4 1.16 37 21-2 4.4 30.6 42.4 82.6
Sicot 746B3F 13.32 5.39 100.0 1.17 37 21-2 4.3 31.6 45.1 83.0
Sicot 748B3F 13.28 5.38 99.7 1.18 38 21-2 4.2 31.5 42.1 82.4
Sicot 714B3F 13.05 5.29 98.0 1.16 37 21-2 4.2 30.1 41.1 82.4
Year2018 Trial TypeN/A Trial DesignRCBx4 Balance of Field746B3F
Planted04/10/17 Picked26/04/18 Previous CropBack To Back Cotton Established MethodWatered Up
Plant Stand/m7.0 Rainfall (defoliation mm)62 Incrop irrigations13 Soil applied insecticideNo
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)310 Phosphorus (kg/ha P)42 Potassium (kg/ha K)13.0 Zinc (kg/ha Z)1.5
Heliothis sprays0 Insect sprays3 Pix applied (L/ha)2.8 Days to defoliation174

The trial was planted on the 4th October and suffered from cool weather after planting. Plant numbers were down but the varieties in the trial compensated reasonably well.
There were a large number of volunteer plants across the site due to a very dry period following the previous cotton crop. Due to a very hot summer the field was irrigated 13 times
The Sicot 707 B3F was the highest yield ( 13.37 b/h) again at this site closely followed by Sicot 746B3F (13.32 b/h). Sicot 707 B3F has won the trial for the last two seasons. More Sicot 707 B3F will be grown in this area during the 2018-19 season to test its longer term performance.

The trial went well but suffered from a lower plant establishment of around 7 plants per metre. Temperatures after planting were low and the crop struggled early on but really picked up in late November and early December. There were many volunteers in the field caused by a very dry winter period after picking the previous crop. Flowering was on time in late December. The cotton yields in the fields surrounding the trial were all very similar with a tight grouping on the heavier soils in that area.