Grower: Greg Hamilton

Variety Yield
% of Sicot 71BR Staple
Manual Class Micronaire Strength
Sicot 71B 9.10 3.68 104.1 1.19 38 41-3 4.7 30.6 35.7 81.8
DP 408BGII 9.01 3.65 103.0 1.19 38 31-3 4.7 31.4 35.2 81.2
Sicot 71BR 8.74 3.54 100.0 1.18 38 41-3 4.8 31.7 35.8 81.9
Sicot 43BR 8.59 3.48 98.2 1.19 38 31-3 4.7 30.8 35.6 81.9
Sicala 60BR 8.56 3.47 97.9 1.16 37 41-3 4.9 30.8 36.0 82.0
Sicala 350B 8.06 3.26 92.1 1.22 39 41-3 4.7 31.8 33.6 82.0
Year2006 Trial TypeN/A Trial DesignRCB x 3 Reps Balance of FieldN/A
Planted10/10/05 Picked17/04/06 Previous CropCotton Established MethodN/A
Plant Stand/mN/A Rainfall (defoliation mm)N/A Incrop irrigationsN/A Soil applied insecticideN/A
Nitrogen (kg/ha N)N/A Phosphorus (kg/ha P)N/A Potassium (kg/ha K)N/A Zinc (kg/ha Z)N/A
Heliothis spraysN/A Insect spraysN/A Pix applied (L/ha)N/A Days to defoliationN/A

All varieties seem to suffered from the combination of circumstances which occurred between Christmas and New Year, from which they never fully recovered. Smaller stature varieties make Pix management easier, and reduce potential boll rot problems, two issues which dog cotton production in this area.

A good first up performance by Sicot 71B at this site. There are a good number of options in CSD Bollgard and Bollgard stack varieties for this environment including Sicot 71B and Sicot 43B, and Sicot 71BR, Sicala 60BR and Sicot 43BR.

Crop was planted October 10th into a back to back, pre-irrigated field. Early conditions were good, and a stand of 10 plants/m approximately obtained from 13 seeds/m. Good well spaced rainfall events occurred during the first two months, keeping the soil profile topped up. Pix was applied at 13 – 14 node stage, 300 ml/ha on all varieties except Sicala 350B which received 600 ml/ha. A delay of a few days with the first irrigation around Christmas, in combination with a severe wind storm on Boxing Day saw NAWF fall from 7.5 on 21st December at 16 ヨ 17 nodes to 5.0 at the end of December. The crop vegetatively never appeared to get going again after that Christmas check, with plant height for most varieties about 85 cm, the Sicala 350B 95 cm. Fruit retention and set remained good however. Cut out Pix was applied mid January. Crop received three incrop irrigations, one less than optimum, because of water shortage. A very dry finish meant no boll rot occurred.

Weed pressure is always high in this district. Herbicide program included 3.0 l/ha Roundup CT pre-plant, 40% band of Rifle (4 l/ha) and Cotoran (3 kg/ha) at planting, 40% band of Staple at 120 g/ha over the row, 80% band of Diuron at 1.8 kg/ha in furrow early season, and Diuron as layby.

Fertilizer program included broadacre spreading of 7.5 t/ha manure immediately after mulching the previous cotton crop. 50 units N was applied as water run urea incrop. First defoliation of Dropp plus Prep, with second hit of same eight days later.