Cotton Biotechnology: Core Project III

Principal Researcher

Dr Danny Llewellyn.

Executive Summary

The Core Biotechnology and Core Breeding projects are very closely integrated with common goals.

The Core Biotech project provides all the molecular screening (DNA-based, ELISA-based and biochemical screening) needed to follow Genetically Modified (GM), and increasingly non-GM, traits through the crossing and selection programs to produce new varieties and also provides any additional support for the QA service project in the quality control over all steps leading to the production of seed to be handed on to CSD for commercial seed increase.

It also increasingly applies the molecular markers developed in the separate Disease Marker Genotyping project (CBA04) as the breeding team begin to integrate those largely disease traits into their mainstream programs (eg., for Cotton Bunchy Top (CBT) resistance, bacterial blight resistance, nematode resistance and Okra leaf).

The Core Biotech team also contributes to the Genomic Selection project that is assessing potential new breeding technologies for their application to cotton.