Delivery of an abiotic ranking system to the cotton breeding program breeding

Principal Investigators

Warren Conaty and Susan Jaconis.

Executive Summary

The aim of this project is to develop a better physiological understanding of the complexities of cotton crop performance under heat and water stress, and to use that knowledge to develop capacity within the breeding program to reliably rank germplasm for heat and water stress tolerance in order to accelerate the production of varieties better adapted for future warmer and drier production environments.

To date this project has developed an understanding of the physiological interactions between heat and water stress. This has enabled a focus on pollen viability and germination, as well as crop water use as targets for germplasm screening. The project has developed and delivered a dryland germplasm screening protocol, enabling more reliable detection of superior rainfed cultivars. Over the final months of the project, assessments of the utility of pollen viability and canopy temperature as targets for physiological abiotic stress resistance screening will be finalised.