Considerations for ginning

04 April, 2019

There are a number of factors which influence gin sample quality. This week’s Facts on Friday looks at defoliation, picking (timing and maintenance) and module design, location, moisture content and contamination.

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Considerations for picking

23 March, 2019

The Australian cotton industry has an international reputation for producing some of the highest quality, highest yielding cotton in the world. As harvest time nears (for most regions), critical crop management decisions include scheduling...

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Boll weights and boll factors

22 February, 2019

As most crops are now at cut-out, and bolls begin to open, thoughts begin to turn towards yield potential. Boll factors are one way to estimate yield potential, but they can also be notoriously misleading. This season, we saw a diverse range of...

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Last irrigation and defoliation date

15 February, 2019

The prime objective of the last irrigation is to ensure that boll maturity is completed. Crops that come under stress prior to defoliation (60% bolls open or 4 (boll carrying) Nodes Above (last) Cracked Boll) (NACB), can suffer some fibre...

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Finishing the season with limited irrigation water

08 February, 2019

Water budgets are tight this season due to higher than average temperatures and little rainfall in the majority of growing regions. As a result, many growers are seeking to optimise yields from what water is available. This week’s Facts on...

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January - a critical time in crop development

04 January, 2019

Moving into the flowering stage of the season (for the majority of the growing regions) it is vital to capitalize on positive growing conditions, or alternatively supply the plant with adequate nutrition where possible. This season’s start has...

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Why NAWF is important at first flower

14 December, 2018

A critical milestone in the development of the cotton plant is the production of the first flower. At this time the plant starts to generate yield. Additionally, the water use and nutrient uptake of the crop increases, and management becomes a...

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High yields - what to expect at first flower

07 December, 2018

Most cotton crops are now firmly established and are developing slowly towards squaring and into flowering. Some of the early planted crops in Central Queensland are well into flowering and approaching cut out. As a critical milestone in the...

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Late plant options

16 November, 2018

There are several instances which now allow growers the option of planting later into the season: Extension of the Bollgard® 3 planting window to 31 December. Price of cotton relative to alternate commodities is favourable to cotton even at...

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Setting the crop up - early season

09 November, 2018

Once the cotton plant is established, the main focus should be on how the plant looks and grows through the early vegetative phase and into first flower. At first flower, the aim is to have a healthy, actively growing plant which has the...

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CSD Ambassador Network - 2017/18 Season Summary

02 November, 2018

Each season the CSD Extension & Development team undertake analysis of the extensive dataset collected in the Ambassador Network, and compile a summary for both dryland and irrigated cotton at key growth stages. With the CSD Ambassador...

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Verticillium wilt

19 October, 2018

In this edition of Facts on Friday we discuss Verticillium wilt identification, management and some trial results coming out of the disease surveys conducted by QDAF, NSW DPI and the CSDExtension and Development trials program.

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