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Field condition score

Stubble fully broken down, usually cereal not cotton stubble. Firm seedbed which will support the planter unit. Beds have been rolled or shaped. Weed free. Seed zone free of soil particle size > 2 cm.
Similar to field score 1 but presence of larger soil particles < 2 cm. Beds not shaped or rolled.
Presence of soil particle < 2cm. Some stubble mixed into seed zone or in planting line. The odd weed and the bed not as firm as 1 and 2, slightly sinking when pressure applied to bed.
High percentage of soil particle < 2cm. Increasing amount of trash in bed and planting line. No firmness to bed. Feet start to sink when walking on bed. Starting to see cotton volunteers/fuzzy seed in back to back cotton situations.
Predominately soil particles < 2cm. Large remnants of past crop residues. Weeds present. No structure within bed. Lot of air gaps. Beds sink away when walking on them. Remnants of cotton butts still in planter row, volunteers and high fuzzy seed levels in back to back cotton situations.

Field level

History of no seedling disease in field.
History of moderate seedling disease pressure in field.
History of high seedling disease pressure in field.

Seedling disease region level

Burdekin, Bourke, Darling Downs, Gwydir, MacIntyre, Namoi, St George, Tandou and Walgett.
Emerald, Gunnedah, Lachlan, Macquarie, Murrumbidgee and Theodore.

Soil Insects

Established method

Soil temperature at planting

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Proposed planting rate of 0.0 seeds/m

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