CSD and CSIRO have been working together since 1971, with over 100 cotton varieties released to the Australian market.

This partnership was formalised in 2007, through the formation of the Cotton Breeding Australia (CBA) joint venture - a targeted research fund set up to facilitate the research and development of future cotton varieties for Australian growers.

Since 2007, the CBA collaboration has invested over $100 million towards this research; and in 2018, the partnership was formally extended to June 2029. Click here to read more about this announcement.

CBA research is focussed on the future issues and challenges for cotton production in Australia, and both CSD and CSIRO consider the CBA partnership critical in ensuring that cotton remains at the forefront of Australian innovation, well into the future.

CBA research activities are overseen by a Management Committee with both CSD and CSIRO members; and through a Scientific Committee with CSD, CSIRO, Cotton Research & Development Corporation and Cotton Australia members.

Please take some time to learn more about some of the highlights of CBA breeding and biotechnology research below.

CBA Breeding and Biotechnology Research Projects
Core Breeding III / Quality Assurance III / Darling Downs Fusarium Nursery II More information
Cotton Biotechnology: Core Project III More information
Enhancing the efficiency of disease resistance breeding in cotton using marker technology More information
Improving Host Plant Resistance to pests and diseases More information
Designer Fibres: Manipulating the chemical composition of cotton fibre cell walls to produce fibres with novel properties More information
Genomic Selection for fast-tracking cotton breeding More information
Delivery of an abiotic ranking system to the cotton breeding program breeding More information
Genetic and physiological characterisation of cotton sodicity tolerance More information