Planting the cotton crop is one of the most important operations on the farm. It sets the standard for the entire season. There are some key considerations that will help ensure that it is a once only task.

Soil temperature at 10 cm depth above 14°C at 8am (AEST)
Forecast average temps for the week following planting on a rising plane


  • If you cannot give a green tick next to at least one of these statements, then planting conditions are definitely unsuitable - STOP!
  • If you can give a green tick to only one of these statements - BE CAUTIOUS. Adjustments may need to be made.
  • If you can give both statements a green tick - LET’S GO!

Other questions that need to be answered before cotton planting starts

  • Is the planter prepared for the coming season?
  • Is the planter calibrated to the correct seeding rate?
  • Is the planter adjusted for the correct planting depth?
  • Have planting speed limits been set?
  • Does soil tilth/condition mean other operations are needed? eg rolling, meshing.

We know planting into cool or poor soil conditions risks time, yield and quality. Don’t get caught.

Having accurate seed quality information is essential in refining the planting operation

  • View estimates on seed size for varieties by clicking here.
  • AUSLot Information
    • Each seed lot has a batch number - on butt sticker of each bag.
    • This number can be used to access actual seed quality.
  • Statement of Seed Analysis
  • Data Includes
    • Warm and cool germination percentage, SVI and seeds per kilo.

Cotton planter setup - the simple checklist

This handy Cotton planter setup checklist is essential for any grower. Download your copy now.

Download the checklist
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